Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History

Too much Russian, too much pepperoni, too much coffee and too little sleep bring you Exploder #2: Exploder Tells a Story. Enjoy it, and feedback is always appreciated.

Anyone wanna hit the Arredondo Room with me and the Tannhauser Gate at 1pm?


PS: So listen, Danny and I are thinking about doing some electronic music as a side project; convince him that Supreme Clientele is a good name, or simply Clientele. Suggestions are always welcome.

PPS: How do you guys feel about the name Hacksaw Truffaut?

1 comment:

Danny Djeljosevic said...

First, a tip: you can upload images via Blogger. Plus, you can resize them.

Now, for your comic. I like the use of negative space on Panel 7. It reminds me of a widescreen frame.

Something about the panels with nothing in them but word balloons is interesting to me. It makes it so that Exploder is the only character in the comic, as if it were a one-man show.

All-in-all, an improvement over the first.