Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Glocko Pop

Do Svidaniya, Djeljosevic is back on track. Currently Daniel Martin Djeljosevic and I are sitting in the apartment hopped up on lemonade and The O.C. reruns and banging out the comedic script to end all comedic scripts. We're going to murder comedy once and for all with episode one, tentatively titled "Glocko Pop." Also, each episode will be named after a Wu-Tang or Wu-Tang related song. KILLA BEE STING.

Oh, and I graduated. Tight.

Here I come, San Diego Slabbin', Til next time, I'm making my exit on some calm shit, so hit me on the regular for kegs of more...


1 comment:

Danny Djeljosevic said...

I'd rather it were "the comedic script to beget more comedic scripts."