Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Is there anything more condescending than calling someone out on their awareness?

"Oh, you just did or said something now? Where were you when..."

Uninformed, dick. But now I know better. Shouldn't the goal be to inform people and then allow them to choose what to do, or if to do anything at all? If you wanna sink to your level, the time spent criticizing others could be spent being active in this oh-so-passionate cause of yours that you dedicate every waking moment to.

Conversely, reblogging or simply posting about something without becoming informed is the equivalent of "thumbs-upping:" ineffective gestures just for show, and that's almost as bad.

Fuck this, what's one more smarmy, feelings-drenched scream into an ocean of indifference?

React any way you want, as long as you react.

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