Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wild Pack of Family Dogs.

The following paragraph is a rant. Be warned. It is completely skippable.

So here we are, in beautiful, maniacal, San Diego, CA. The weather's 73 degrees year round, usually, and the people are FUCKING CRAZY. As Daniel and I discussed, I think we live next to Arkham Asylum. A man missing his lower jaw comes out every day at around 8am, and departs at 8pm. Normally, this would not be a problem. However, since there's no central air, we open the windows. Solomon Grundy takes it upon himself to smoke and mumble for hours on end, sometimes under the pretense of having a conversation. Since my window is a perfect vantage point to next door, I get the full blast of his insane demeanor. It was cute for a couple of we just fear for our lives.


In other, actual news, I start in October with the Registrar of Voters, but am currently awaiting a hopefully fruitful opportunity with Verizon Wireless. I always pretended I'd never sell out...but I can't fucking wait to be a company man.

Also, for your enjoyment, a list of the films we've watched in the past couple of weeks:

2Fast 2Furious
Four Brothers (Twice)
John Witherspoon: You Got to Coordinate.
Soul Plane
Who's Your Caddy?

A startlingly obvious trend, if ever there was one. Let me just state, for the record: I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE.

Yes, I do miss you all. Yes, all of you. Yes, even those of you that read without my knowledge. I do hope you'll visit.

Might be going to LA this weekend, which is pretty chuuch.

Lastly, I've sent a lot of you postcards, but if you'd like one (or another,) hit me with your address. Send your letter bombs to:

Raf Gaytown
5755 Potomac Street
San Diego, CA 92139

I think that's it for now...

Oh! I got new glasses. Check out my Facebook profile, .

I think they make me look gay.

Best to all of you, and I will always love you all.

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