Sunday, November 9, 2008

Naive Melody.

I acknowledge I don't write in this enough... but that's mostly because I feel it doesn't merit to parrot.

For those of you who aren't Danny, here's what's up:

1) I have a job. Full-time, working for a company that monitors drug and alcohol testing for the trucking industry. It's every bit as glamorous, interesting, and fulfilling as it sounds... if you're an idiot.

2) I got a haircutsurprise. Before you accuse me of actually going corporate, I'll thank you kindly to try to scrub shampoo into a thick bramble bush, then rinse it all out. Now you know my pain.

3) I shouldn't have cut my hair.

4) Oh, how I miss you all. Terribly, to boot.

5) Life is a series of checks and balances, for better or worse.

6) Holy shit, Ice Cube might be the best rapper alive.

To wrap it up, I'm 23, employed, miserable and complacent.

Oh yeah, and I bought myself a MacBook for my birthday. Sell-out salaries let you do things like that.

Plz, let me know how your lives are; I try to keep in touch with all of you, but it's just hard, yo. Especially when I sell my soul for a third of the day for just enough scratch to keep the demons away.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record... I love you all.

PS: At Emily Vuxton's request, I'll post pictures of our new house... when I get over my distaste for digging through folders.

Thanks for reading, you all, and I am going to make an actual, honest to Grodd attempt to post in this more often.

PPS: LOLZ comic books.


Todd said...

Dear Rafael,
1) Love you, holmes
2) Channel that angst into some ART! That's three, count 'em, three capital letters! You should become a rapper.

emilyvux said...

Hey, where are the aforementioned pictures of the house?!

Vero said...

que onda, chico? Despite how rarely you and I saw one another, Gainesville is not quite the same without the Great and Powerful Raf. Hope its all California Dreamin' And the cut looks nice...